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About Votebuilder

How Votebuilder Can Help Your Campaign

What is Votebuilder?

Votebuilder is the North Carolina Democratic Party’s online organizing tools made by and for Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations. It allows campaigns to build highly targeted lists of voters including voter information, such as addresses, phone numbers, and voting history so that they can reach out to voters to get their message and the Democratic message out voters across the state. Campaigns that purchase and use Votebuilder have a proven record of performing better in their elections in comparison to campaigns who do not.

Why Get Votebuilder?

Votebuilder is a powerful organizing tool that isn’t just a state of the art voter file but also allows campaigns to have access to a decade’s worth of specialized data and analytics. When a campaign buys Votebuilder they also get modeling on turnout, democratic support likelihood, volunteer likelihood, and more. These predictive models have been built from historical data from past campaigns and from the work that candidates, local parties, and Democratic organizations have done over the past 14 years.

Votebuilder allows campaigns to identify and track supporters and volunteers in a single centralized location, specifically built to maximize the efficiency of a campaign-saving valuable campaign dollars. Votebuilder was built to allow campaigns to run and manage a full-scale field program from targeting likely supporters and contacting your targets, to analyzing the effectiveness of your program. Votebuilder can also assist your campaign in running a mail program, targeting digital advertising, and text message program.

How the State Party Helps?

If your campaign decides to purchase Votebuilder from NCDP,  your campaign receives a standardized set of scores used by other campaigns from our statewide races down to our city council races. We will also provide your campaign with Votebuilder training material on some of the most effective ways to use Votebuilder from successful campaigns such as Governor Roy Cooper, Senator Jay Chaudhuri, and Congresswoman Alma Adams. NCDP will also provide support for any issues campaigns might have with Votebuilder along the way.

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