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The 北卡罗来纳州民主党 (NCDP) is proud to offer the Eva Clayton Fellowship, an opportunity for deserving college students from underrepresented communities to learn the intricacies of North Carolina Democratic politics. 她是代表北卡罗来纳州参加国会的第一位非裔美国女性, 伊娃·克莱顿的生活和工作继续激励着biwei必威体育. The NCDP is continuing her work by training the next generation of Democratic leaders.

感兴趣的学生应该 阅读描述 然后提交简历和求职信 fellowship@molinarscarpetcare.com.



Eva Clayton Fellows will be trained by 北卡罗来纳州民主党 staff and have the opportunity to work and network with Democratic officials from across the state. 奖学金项目提供的职位在部门 通讯,数据,政治,数字,金融,少数民族事务 & Organizing. 除各自部门的工作外, 研究员们将了解全国民主党的整体工作, 包括我们如何在北卡罗莱纳州选举和支持民主党人, 我们如何赋予志愿者和地方领导人权力, and more. 研究员还将参加国家发展计划主办的培训. Resume and professional skill-building workshops will be offered to help students get their next job, 并在令人兴奋的NC政治世界中找到自己的位置. 勤奋的大学生, 对细节的关注, 并对推进民主价值观充满热情. 有意者请将简历和求职信发送至fellowship@molinarscarpetcare.com. 在他们的求职信中, candidates should discuss why they are interested in working with the NCDP and which three departments listed below they’d most like to work with. Applicants should also provide a rough estimate of the schedule they can work (ex: Tues. and Thurs. 1:00-3:00PM, Mon. and Wed. 从10:00AM-1:00PM等.). 研究员预计每周工作15小时. 全国民主党将联系符合条件的候选人安排面试. 面试将进行滚动的基础上,直到职位填补, 所以越早申请越好! This position provides a monthly stipend for the duration of the academic semester. 取决于学校, 该职位也可能满足大学学分或社区服务的要求.



国会选区组织: NCDP is seeking highly motivated candidates to serve as Eva Clayton Regional Organizing Fellows in Congressional Districts 1, 3, 6, 10 & 12. Organizers will focus on voter engagement and building hyper local long-term grassroots teams and organizing capacity. Regional Organizing Fellows will focus on day-to-day field operations in their assigned congressional districts and will be responsible for implementing a portion of the field plan- recruiting, 培训和管理县长, 草根组织者, and volunteers.  研究员将被要求参加每周全州范围的组织会议.  Organizers will be held accountable for meeting both quantitative and qualitative field metrics. 理想的应聘者必须能够在紧迫的期限内完成任务.

*你必须住在你申请的国会选区. 不知道你的国会选区,也不知道你的议员是谁? This service will assist you by matching your ZIP code to your congressional district.

Finance: 财政是NCDP运行的引擎! Through mail, digital, events, and by other means, the Finance team raises the funds necessary to operate the NCDP and elect Democrats across the state. 伊娃·克莱顿的财务研究员, students will learn about all of the ways we fundraise effectively – from consistent donor relations to detailed event planning and management. 你将与其他部门密切合作,集思广益寻找新的筹集资金的方法, 同时也改善了我们的筹款方式. 研究员也将与执行主任合作, Finance Director, and Director of Party Operations to plan successful events that energize donors and work toward accomplishing all of our goals in 2021-22. 财务部有两个职位空缺.

Digital: Digital Organizing is one of the best tools we have to get people civically and politically engaged. 作为一个数字伙伴, you’ll gain experience using cutting-edge tools and graphic design to mobilize folks to action. The Deputy Digital Director will train you one-on-one and tailor the fellowship to your interests (graphic design, writing, digital organizing, etc.). 理想的候选人将有市场营销工作经验, public relations, journalism, 政治学或平面设计. 以下是一些你可以期待去做的事情:

  • Learn how to independently run and manage our events thread so folks from Murphy to Manteo can connect with fellow Democrats
  • Assist NCDP county parties and auxiliaries with their digital/design needs and help them get the support they need for all their work on-the-ground
  • Use WordPress and coding to update the NCDP website so it remains a resource for voters across the state
  • 帮助我们在2021年选举前建立志愿者基础. This may involve design work, social post and blog writing, candidate research, etc.
  • Assist the digital department with media monitoring, data entry, and other projects that may arise 

政治/党务: The Political/Party Affairs department organizes and problem-solves with our most important asset – NCDP volunteers. 这些人是他们所在社区的民主党领袖, 他们是县主席, 副总统, district chairs, etc.,它们分布在整个州. If you want to know how the politics works from the grassroots, this is the department for you. 这是一项艰巨的工作——接听选民的电话, 回应全州民主党人的担忧, helping other departments as they work with our community leaders – but working in Political/Party Affairs gives Fellows real insight into the NCDP and how it functions in communities across the state.

Communications: The NC Democratic Party is hiring a Communications Fellow with superior writing skills, 对细节的关注, 和组织能力. 这个职位主要以写作为基础. 理想的候选人应该已经完成了新闻方面的课程, communications, 或者政治科学,并且会积极主动, 善于团队合作, 并渴望了解政治进程. Candidates will gain experience in strategic political communications for a statewide political organization. 主要职责包括:

  • Drafting various communications including press releases, statements, and talking points
  • 起草信函和其他函件
  • 更新新闻稿和谈话要点的内部数据库
  • 维护新闻列表

Data: The Data Department’s Eva Clayton fellow will do so much more than crunching numbers. 我是伊娃·克莱顿的数据研究员, 您将帮助创建我们的选民数据库系统的组织结构, 提供系统内部的支持和故障排除, 为县政党制作培训材料, and be integral in brainstorming how we strengthen the department going into 2020. More importantly, this internship will be an opportunity for you to learn new skills that interest you like Votebuilder, SQL, Tableau, modeling, 以及其他数据分析技术. 所需要的只是对学习新事物的热情, 具有组织意识和热情的客户服务个性.

少数民族事务和组织: 少数民族事务 & Organizing Department works with fellow Democrats across the state of North Carolina with the primary goal of growing and strengthening the Party. 作为大帐篷派对, Democrats always strive to ensure we maintain both diversity and inclusion in all practices. Minority Affairs & 组织工作直接与我们的附属机构, 由预选团和辅助人员组成,为所有人提供席位.
We work with the Minority Affairs Chairs from each of the Congressional Districts to coordinate with the organization of new chapters of our Affiliated Organizations and support equity in our Congressional Districts. We oversee the Eva Clayton Fellowship program and are responsible for the annual Women of Color Leadership Forum. As well as host programs throughout the state to strengthen the Party and collaborative efforts with all other NCDP Departments. 如果你对在需要多任务处理的环境中工作感兴趣, 伟大的沟通技巧, and maintaining both long term and short term projects on an on-going basis; this just might be for you.



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